Friday, August 10, 2012

Positive Technologies Became Cisco’s Official Technology Partner

Cisco Systems has awarded Positive Technologies the status of Cisco Registered Developer. It’s notable that our company has become the first Russian company to be granted the status of Cisco Registered Developer. Now Positive Technologies has its own profile on the official web site of Cisco Systems.

This status evidences the new level of cooperation between the two companies. It gives researchers of Positive Technologies expanded access to special development resources: software, updates and documentation. Besides, it grants the right to create special tickets concerning the development issues to Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center). With these opportunities in hands, specialists of Positive Technologies will be able to improve the support for Cisco products implemented in the MaxPatrol Vulnerability and Compliance Management System.

The official technology partnership is logical step that gives a legal form to the long-lasting collaboration between the companies.Back in 2009, Positive Technologies’ Max Patrol was integrated with Cisco MARS, which monitors and analyzes information security events in corporate information systems and urgently responses to any incidents.

This year, MaxPatrol was enhanced with support for Cisco Nexus switches. Specialists at the Russian office of Cisco Systems provided Positive Technologies with their assistance, granting access to the required equipment.

Experts of Positive Research will continue their work on advancing security of network devices. Together with equipment from Cisco Systems, MaxPatrol already supports appliances from other vendors: Juniper, Nortel, Check Point, Huawei, Arbor Networks, D-Link. No doubts, the list will be expended. Every year the intensive work of the Positive Research center helps detect over 100 vulnerabilities in various systems and applications.


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