Friday, April 19, 2013

Positive Technologies Experts Win HITBSecConf CTF 2013

The [TechnoPandas] team, which consists of the Positive Technologies specialists, took first place at the CTF contests, which were held during HITBSecConf in Amsterdam.

During the whole two days (they stopped just for a nap break), the teams competed in task-based CTF. The organizer of the contests was a well-known Dutch team named Eindbazen, which took part in PHDays 2012 and has been invited to PHDays III.

Some of Eindbazen also participated in HITBSecConf CTF as members of other teams. hack.ERS being one of such teams took second place. Third place went to More Smoked Leet Chicken, a Russian team that consists of former Leet More and Smoked Chicken. Note that it was the Leet More members who won PHDays CTF 2012.

Almost at the very beginning [TechnoPandas] came to the fore preventing other participants from taking the lead and, eventually, took first place. However, hack.ERS and More Smoked Leet Chicken were found struggling hard for second place.


HITBSecConf is a conference devoted to information security issues. The conference is held twice a year: once in Amsterdam and once in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In April in the capital of the Netherlands, the fourth conference was held. Apart from CTF contests, the program included numerous reports and hands-on labs oriented towards different aspects of information security.


  1. Congrats to the winners! It is interesting to analyze table of results where there is a slight difference between 3rd and 2nd place and TechnoPandas took a lead with a wide gap. By the way talking about teams: topessayservice has great support team which is always able to provide assistance.