June 21, 2017

SigPloit framework published: telecom vulnerability testing of SS7, GTP, Diameter, and SIP made easy

Code for the open-source SigPloit framework has been published on GitHub by security researcher Loay Abdelrazek. SigPloit is a convenient framework for testing for vulnerabilities in telecommunication protocols. We cannot say state that this project will have a big effect on the security situation, but this is definitely one of the alarm bells that should be noted by telecom industry.

June 16, 2017

Practical ways to misuse a router

Wi-Fi and 3G routers are all around us. Yet in just one recent month, approximately 10 root shell and administrator account vulnerabilities in home internet devices came to light. And access to tens of millions of IoT devices—routers, webcams, and other gadgets—is available to anyone willing to pay $50 for a shodan.io paid account.

At the same time, developers and vendors of these devices tend to have other priorities than "testing" and "security." Many serious vulnerabilities remain unpatched, and even when patches are released, users are slow to install them. What does this leave us with? Legions of vulnerable devices, lying low until hacked and pressed into service as part of a DDoS botnet.

June 2, 2017

WAF Bypass at PHDays VII: Results and Answers

Continuing the tradition of past years, the WAF Bypass contest was held at last month's PHDays. Participants tried to bypass PT Application Firewall protection mechanisms in order to find special flags accessible through vulnerabilities specially left in web applications. In a series of challenges, the organizers disabled different features of PT Application Firewall, leaving a "way in" for participants to take advantage of. The focus of attention this time was a prototype database firewall (DBFW), which analyzed SQL traffic from applications to databases.