May 27, 2010

RusCrypto CTF 2010 Full Disclosure

RusCrypto CTF is an open competition in information security held on Capture The Flag principle. At the beginning of the game teams have identical servers with installed vulnerable services.

Besides vulnerabilities in specially designed services, there are vulnerabilities common for real information systems: weak passwords, known vulnerabilities in OS/services, errors in configuration, real vulnerabilities in web applications (such as popular CMS).

During the competition, changes in the system can be made that can lead to additional vulnerabilities to competitors’ services. Competitors’ goal is to detect the vulnerabilities, eliminate them in their servers and do not break the server operation. Competitors also should use similar vulnerabilities on competitors’ servers to capture flags.

May 1, 2010

The RusCrypto’2010 Conference

Last month, the 12th international conference RusCrypto’2010 devoted to the modern cryptology methods, digital signature technologies, and information security systems and tools went off.

The RusCrypto conference represents a place where cryptography and information security experts can communicate. Developers and their potential customers, scientists and officers, specialists of business corporations and public institutions take part in this event. The RusCrypto covers theory and practice, includes presentation of innovative technologies and exchange of views.