December 30, 2010 summarizes the results of HackQuest 2010 competition

The portal and Positive Technologies company have conducted an open information security competition HackQuest 2010.

Over 750 experts from all over the world participated in it, but only 8 of them managed to go through the entire competition. Not only prizes will be received by the competition leaders, but also job offers from the key information security companies that sponsored the event.

The portal celebrated the tenth anniversary on December 15, 2010. Development of this site devoted to information security started in 2000. During these ten years, has grown up from a small site into the leading information security portal in Russian.

December 15, 2010

Hack Quest 2010 Online

The portal invites all comers to participate in an online information protection contest - Hack Quest 2010. The contestants will try their skills in the field of security assessment, search and exploitation of vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, and just hacking. Prizes are waiting for the winners!

The game infrastructure was not initially planned as an online contest, so, unfortunately, all the interfaces of the contest are in Russian. However, it shall not prevent foreigners from participation :)

December 14, 2010

Google Hall of Fame

The “Google Security Reward” program has attracted attention of many researchers. This program provided them with a legal opportunity to analyze the security of Google services and applications. Researches were allowed to examine not only applications like Google Chrome, but also interactive services: search engine, mail service, video service, blog service, and social network service
The experts from the “Positive Research” Center, which is an innovation department of the Positive Technologies Company, have also joined the program. In the result of analysis performed by the experts of the “Positive Research” Center, several vulnerabilities of various risk levels were detected; these vulnerabilities were than analyzed and eliminated by Google specialists. As a reward for helping make Google products safer, the “Positive Research” Center team was introduced into the virtual Google Security Hall of Fame (