January 28, 2013

ICS Security Analysis — New Pentest Tools

Industrial system (ICS/SCADA) security is a modern trend in information security. However, there is always a shortage of specialized tools for pentest or audit of ICS security. This article covers the latest publications, utilities, and presentations of Positive Technologies experts — all this will help you to ensure industrial system security..

January 17, 2013

Positive Technologies Experts Took Part in Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg

Chaos Communication Congress organized by Chaos Computer Club is one of the oldest (since 1984) and largest events of the hacker world in Europe. The latest twenty ninth in succession meeting (29С3 as called by the organizers) brought together 6,000 participants including representatives of our company — Sergey Gordeychik, Gleb Gritsay, and Yury Goltsev.

The Congress scenario included multiple reports and workshops focused on various information security aspects.