September 25, 2019

Positive Technologies Brings ‘Hackable City’ to Life in The Standoff Cyberbattle at HITB+ CyberWeek

Attackers and defenders to face off in digital metropolis security challenge featuring real-world critical infrastructure and technologies.

Cybersecurity experts at Positive Technologies and Hack In The Box are inviting red and blue team security specialists to test their skills attacking and defending a full-scale modern city at The Standoff Cyberbattle held during HITB+ CyberWeek. This mock digital metropolis with full IT and OT infrastructure including traffic systems, electrical plants, and transportation networks will feature all the latest technologies used in actual critical infrastructure installations, allowing players to expose security issues and the impact they might have on the real world.

September 10, 2019

Sustes malware updated to spread via vulnerability in Exim (CVE-2019-10149)

A new wave of attacks by the Sustes cryptominer is infecting computers via a June vulnerability in the Exim mail server. Starting on August 11, our PT Network Attack Discovery network sensors have detected attempts to exploit mail servers in incoming network traffic.

Scanning is performed from address 154.16.67[.]133. The command in the RCPT TO field triggers download of a malicious bash script at address http://154.16.67[.]136/main1. A chain of scripts installs the XMR miner on the host and adds the miner in crontab. One script adds a public SSH key to the authorized_keys list of the current user. The attackers are subsequently able to obtain SSH access to the system, no password required.