December 17, 2019

Turkish tricks with worms, RATs… and a freelancer

The Positive Technologies Expert Security Center has detected a malicious campaign active since at least mid-January 2018. The operation most focused on users from Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, the Philippines, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA. The long operation included use of a number of tools and techniques for infecting and controlling victim PCs. Here we will detail the stages of infection, utilities and network infrastructure used, and the digital traces that put us on the spot as the alleged hacker.

December 4, 2019

Malware creators trying to avoid detection. Spy.GmFUToMitm as an example

Image credit Unsplash
Specialists from PT Expert Security Center found an interesting specimen of malware distributed in the Chinese segment of the Internet. Among other things, this malware is used for MITM attacks. Its main peculiar feature is that it combines various techniques of evading detection. We analyzed those to demonstrate how malware creators hide malware activity.